Founded in 2004, Potmix Products is the leading road repair product manufacturer and re-seller of Strako asphalt hotboxes in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We specialise in high quality products and machinery for the road repair market. Our main customers are contractors, municipal and state road authorities, real estate maintenance companies, wholesale and DYI store chains.

We strive to maintain an ecological profile by using local suppliers and raw material. Many of our products are solvent free and manufactured in low carbon emission processes. From our asphalt plant in Kungsör, Sweden we can efficiently supply the whole of the Nordic market with always freshly produced road repair asphalt.

  • Ossi Ansala

    Management – production
    Email: ossi@potmix.com
    Phone: +46 70 588 7152
    Skype: ossi.potmix

  • Marcus Ansala

    Management – market

    Phone: +46 76 238 7373
    Skype: marcus.potmix

  • Jarmo Hiltunen

    Factory Manager
    Email: jarmo@potmix.com
    Phone: +46 73 855 8438
    Skype: jarmo.potmix

  • Mattias Kun

    Head of Sales Scandinavia
    Email: mattias@potmix.com
    Phone: +46 70 7700 814
    Skype: mattias.potmix

  • Henrik Nygaard Pedersen

    Sales Manager Denmark
    Email: henrik@potmix.com
    Phone: +45 70 26 12 22
    Skype: henrik.potmix

  • Daniel Erixon

    Sales Sweden
    Email: daniel@potmix.com
    Phone: +46 70 770 0624